Solutions Overview

Solutions Overview

Billions of investment dollars in technology continue to flow in support of the transition from volume to value in healthcare. Unfortunately, these investments create a ripple effect of data stewardship challenges for providers.

Among many, two areas stand out: the retirement of legacy systems and medical necessity compliance. Neither were part of the vision for a value-based world. Yet both are part of the ripple that is now your reality on the path to realizing that vision.

Make better decisions, faster. Ensure compliance. Shed unnecessary cost. Apply technology and the right subject matter expertise in achieving best practice stewardship of data.

Make the ripple work for you.

Solution Families

Enable seamless, secure access to all your legacy data within your new EMR for up to 80% lower cost than operating legacy systems in parallel. Ready!

Make your infrequently accessed, but still highly valued legacy data available while eliminating legacy system fees.

Data stewardship in healthcare is the commitment to the careful, responsible management and use of data entrusted to you. Be a good steward.

Create the right path to ensure your data is accessible, secure, and compliant. Get a written, best practice path for achieving and preserving a culture and environment of stewardship. Let’s make a plan!

Make medical necessity compliance easier with the right content. Get paid right the first time.

Right care, right pay…the first time. Make medical necessity compliance easier with a live feed of the latest compliance-related codes, rules, and other data. Protect your revenue!

Simple, fast API call and response for Medicare medical necessity pass/fail results to add value and compliance benefits with low development and recurring costs. Make the call.

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