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In the spirit of the MediQuant culture, in 2014 the employees of MediQuant initiated and formed a charitable organization called In Great Company, One Can Do Great Things. The program is a focused fundraising effort that benefits a different employee-selected charity each year.

Tony Paparella, MediQuant founder and Chairman, has fostered a strong company culture at MediQuant that emphasizes the idea of family and community, which colleagues at MediQuant embrace as well.

“Traditional businesses take care of people,” said Terry Buterbaugh. “Giving back is part of the American way, and it’s one of Tony’s core values that we’re always going to uphold. We created this project to honor his character.”

Our Community Initiatives

2023: One Simple Wish

This year’s IGC sponsored charity is One Simple Wish, a non-profit organization empowering individuals to restore hope and happiness to children and young adults impacted by foster care, abuse, and neglect. Every year, 500,000 children are impacted by abuse, neglect and trauma and spend time in our nation’s foster care system. One Simple Wish uses their wish-granting platform to a make a child’s wish come true – helping each child build important connections, experience new things, and find their passion.

2022: Erin’s House for Grieving Children

In 2022, In Great Company raised funds to support Erin’s House for Grieving Children. Erin’s House is a non-profit organization that provides a safe, nurturing, and comfortable environment for children to process their grief. They learn how to express their emotions, share their feelings, and grow into compassionate, respectful, and productive young adults.

2020 & 2021: The Harriet Tubman Movement

In 2020, In Great Company raised funds to support the Harriet Tubman Movement. The Harriet Tubman Movement is a non-profit organization that directly assists victims of human trafficking in Northeast Ohio. The mission of the Harriet Tubman Movement is to help people along the road to freedom by offering encouragement, provision and advocacy.

When a referral is received, advocates work to assess immediate needs such as safety, shelter, food, clothing, medical needs, etc., and provide for those needs. Advocates then work with each individual to help them plan their “path to freedom”, with the goal of connecting them to services for long-term restoration that are specific to their situation, regardless of location.

2019: Nikki Kukwa Memorial Aviation Camp and Scholarship

In 2019, In Great Company raised funds to support the Kent State Foundation to benefit the Nikki Kukwa Memorial Aviation Camp and Scholarship . The camp and scholarship have been in existence for 10 years and help expose young girls to technical fields within the aviation and support them once they are well on their way.

The camp and scholarship were created in memory of Nicole (Nikki) Marie Kukwa. Nikki was a very involved and influential student at Kent State University’s Aviation Program when she was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. She passed away at age 22 after spending two years fighting the disease and trying to live a full life.

2018: GiGi's Playhouse

With over 30 locations across the United States and Mexico, GiGi’s Playhouse is the only network of Down Syndrome Achievement Centers. Every day, they provide free, life-changing therapeutic, educational and career training programs for 30,000+ individuals of all ages.

GiGi’s Playhouse empowers families by maximizing opportunities for daily achievement and lasting acceptance. Their goal is to show the world what individuals with Down Syndrome are truly capable of achieving as students, co-workers, volunteers, friends, and valued members of their communities.

2017: Malachi House

In 2017, In Great Company’s fundraising efforts benefited Malachi House. Founded in 1988, Malachi House provides end of life care for terminally ill individuals who lack funds and/or an available caregiver. Over nearly 30 years and with the help of countless volunteers, they have provided care to more than 2,000 residents in an environment full of comfort and compassion.

Malachi House receives no government funding, and is entirely reliant on donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations like In Great Company.

2016: Keira Kilbane Foundation

The Keira Kilbane Foundation is a non-profit public charity dedicated to advancing treatment options and a cure through innovative research for childhood cancers, with a focus on Leukemia. The Foundation also strives to make a positive impact on the lives of patients and families currently in treatment.

2015: Canine Companions for Independence

Canine Companions for Independence is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships. Headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, Canine Companions for Independence is the world’s largest non-profit provider of assistance dogs and is recognized worldwide for the excellence of its dogs, and the quality and longevity of the matches it makes between dogs and people. The result is a life full of increased independence and loving companionship.

2014: Sierra Leone Village Partnerships

In Great Company selected the Sierra Leone Village Partnerships (SLVP), as the initiative for 2014, in an effort to help fund the building of a school in Bandawoh. Hit early during the Rebel War, the village has been without a secondary school building for 20 years. Over the course of the year, In Great Company was able to raise more than $23,000, far exceeding their fundraising goal and fully funding the building of the school in Bandawoh. The Bandawoh School is SLVP’s 10th and biggest project to date. The school will be for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders and will educate 300 students.

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