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The 21st Century Cures Act is the latest and most significant regulatory compliance issue facing healthcare organizations and their archived data today. The Cures Act is designed to give patients greater access to, and more control over, their healthcare information. Increased interoperability and prevention of information blocking ensures patients receive their healthcare data from not only their primary HIS system, but the designated record set components found in the active archive. Fines are already mounting at an alarming rate.

As regulatory milestones go into effect, organizations face new challenges, including ensuring unique master patient identifiers, release of information from the designated record set, and patient access to their own records are just a few of the elements that need to be addressed in preparing for and meeting compliance guidelines. Understanding what to expect and preventing potential hurdles can help your organization avoid massive penalties and fees. There are new, and more aggressive timelines for fulfilling patient records requests, and organizations must move quickly to get ready. 

MediQuant’s tools and methodologies structure your data for maximum compliance – not only for the Cures Act, but for whatever comes next. Our healthcare data experts can help you develop a data strategy that maximizes your success for compliance and minimizes both your risk exposure and data retention expenses.


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