Application Rationalization

Simplify Application Rationalization

ApplicationArk is a powerful tool to reduce cost and redundancy.

Provider organizations experiencing significant merger and acquisition activity can quickly be saddled with a large number of legacy or duplicate applications. Application Rationalization, or Application Portfolio Management, will help your organization identify applications that perform similar functions and compare them to choose which can be eliminated, reducing your overall application budget, freeing up wasted resources, and redirecting investment to areas of innovation that demonstrate value to the business.
MediQuant’s ApplicationArk platform is a powerful rationalization tool that comprehensively documents an organization’s applications and collects information about each, including cost. By applying algorithms and logic to the data, ApplicationArk analyzes the inventory, identifying duplicate systems, their cost-to-business ratio, technical quality, functionality, interface needs and contractual obligations.

ApplicationArk simplifies application rationalization by automating time intensive manual tasks and streamlining system and application inventory management, ultimately saving you time and money by cutting the waste out of your technology suite.

Application rationalization streamlines application portfolios with the goal of:


Improving efficiency


Reducing complexity and risk


Significantly lowering the total cost of ownership


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