Seamless and Secure Access to Legacy Data

Would you like to retain active data from your decommissioned systems for up to 80% savings? With DataArk® you can.

DataArk is the anchor application in MediQuant’s platform, providing a secure, centralized repository for data from an unlimited number and variety of disparate systems, delivering a true enterprise data lifecycle solution.




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Rather than having legacy data scattered across costly, disconnected, outdated systems, you can migrate it to DataArk and interface with your go-forward HIS, EHR and EMR applications, including Epic, MEDITECH, and Cerner systems, placing valuable legacy data at your staff’s and clinicians’ fingertips for a fraction of the cost.

Through MediQuant’s proven implementation methodology, we’ll work with you to design a comprehensive approach that meets your data retention needs, eliminating legacy systems and fees, and producing a “one patient, one record” experience for users across your enterprise.

DataArk’s Data Archiving Platform Is:


Utilizes a common structure for each DataArk database to securely store data in its native format, preserving the integrity of historical data and patient records and facilitating usability.

Easy to Use

MediQuant’s .NET application uses Microsoft SQL Server and lives in a Windows operating environment, where users may easily access it through an HTTPS browser.


Offers multiple deployment options, so you can select an on-premises installation, a third-party hosted environment, or utilize a SaaS model, hosting DataArk in MediQuant’s cloud.


DataArk is highly configurable, offering more than 30 modules to accommodate a wide variety of healthcare data sets.

Give your Clinician's Confidence in their Understanding of Each Patient's Story.

Delivering accurate, rapid data to clinicians to support informed, high-quality patient care is MediQuant’s top priority.

We believe in a sophisticated healthcare system where information is accessible, intelligence is actionable, and clinicians are confident in their understanding of each patient’s clinical narrative.

With MediQuant’s proven tools and technology, your clinical team can access a patient’s complete historical medical record at the point of care without delays or obstacles. Empower your medical staff to make informed decisions with ‘one patient, one record’ data at their fingertips within your active EMR.

Work Accounts Receivable in an Active Archive for Real ROI.

Healthcare enterprises that transition to a new financial system typically have legacy AR records that are not converted, leaving the problem of outstanding accounts receivable unaddressed, or sold for pennies on the dollar. With MediQuant’s active archive solutions, you can retire legacy financial systems and still keep detailed patient accounting records available for transaction posting, collections activity and working down AR.

Don’t let outstanding accounts receivable stop you from decommissioning an outdated system. With MediQuant’s technology and tools, you can eliminate IT support, costly licenses and maintenance fees while capturing a return on investment through AR wind down. In fact, our clients typically retire their legacy financial systems 2-3 years sooner than planned by completing their AR work down from within DataArk.

Power Integration, Efficiency and Achieve Enterprise-Wide Alignment.

With years or even decades worth of critical workforce data in aging or legacy ERPs, an ERP data migration strategy and archiving platform is needed for providers to comply with retention requirements.

Migrating volumes of human resource, supply chain, financial and enterprise performance management data can be costly and complex, making ERP archival a smart and proven choice to deliver return on investment, user satisfaction for long-term access and HR record retention.

MediQuant’s HR/Payroll ERP Functionality enables:

  • Storage of discrete and non-discrete HR/Payroll and ERP data
  • Ability to import individual documents and add notes
  • HR/Payroll Reports (including salary reports, employee utilization, HR/Payroll reconciliation, pay period reports and time punch storage)
  • Accounts Payable (including vendor invoices, purchase orders and check payments)
  • General Ledger Management (including summary and detail trial balance reports and inquiry functions)
With the Most Trusted Technology and Expertise in the Industry, Anything is Possible.

MediQuant has successfully navigated more large, complex, multi-system archives than anyone else in the industry, giving our team vast experience, tools and technology at their fingertips. We have over 20 years of experience working with health systems on data archiving, data migration, and data conversion projects. And our proven tech stack, streamlined planning process, and matchless acumen allow us to address the full strategic arc of your future retirements and archiving plan.

Through the years we’ve encountered and successfully archived many unique systems, from homegrown EHRs, to mainframe systems, to highly specialized healthcare applications. For fully customized and highly-complex healthcare data management challenges, MediQuant is the only choice. Contact us to start a conversation about your next project.

Healthcare organizations don’t need legacy systems.
They need seamless ongoing access to their legacy data.

With MediQuant as your partner, you can provide your clinicians and staff seamless, contextual and secure access to the legacy data they need from within your new systems, shed duplicative steps from workflows, and free your IT staff to invest their time in higher value work – all while saving millions.

Schedule a demo today, and take the first step to move your valuable legacy information to DataArk.

What Our Clients Say

Greg Carda

CFO, Missouri Delta Medical Center

"MDMC has run more than $11,000,000.00 in collections through DataArk. Five years into our partnership with MediQuant, our project is still paying significant dividends."

Stephanie LeMay

Program Manager - Enterprise Data Archiving, MaineHealth

"We spoke with other vendors, but most were unable to work through our unique challenges. Our HIM Director was impressed with DataArk, which serves as a single access point where many different legacy applications can be consolidated to simplify the IT landscape."

Lisa Stump

Senior VP and CIO, Yale New Haven Health

"Using MediQuant, we created that single, continuous record, even back into the legacy world…if you are in a patient’s EHR today, you can click one button to view important legacy data and also know whether that data had existed in Cerner or Meditech or any of our other legacy systems, who entered it and when."

Andrea Cervenka

MD, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

"Whenever there was a concern or request, the MediQuant team made necessary adjustments and let us know once they were complete so we could test the change. The open, continuous communication and cooperation MediQuant provided us was imperative to the success of the project."

Jon Russell

CIO, John Muir Health

"Our physician users found the transition to DataArk to be seamless due to the ease of use of DataArk and the auto-invoke feature. The HIM staff members are able to easily fulfill ROI requests for records that came from disparate systems and our billing staff didn’t miss a beat after the cut-over to DataArk."

Lisa Stump

Senior VP and CIO, Yale New Haven Health

"MediQuant was at the table with us – with a project manager and technical support team that worked side by side with our teams."

Greg Carda

CFO, Missouri Delta Medical Center

"MediQuant asked the right questions and custom-tailored their strategies to meet our unique challenges."

Jon Russell

CIO, John Muir Health

"There’s a very specific recipe you need to follow to make this type of migration happen. The MediQuant team worked closely with us to develop a robust strategy that met our unique needs – then helped us execute it every step of the way."

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