Retire your legacy systems, keep your data


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You invested millions in new enterprise technology, only to be weighed down by the anchors that are your legacy systems. They persist in parallel because valuable data is perilously trapped inside. As they live on, you suffer the costly drag on both budget and people.


Pull up anchor and propel your organization to freedom from legacy systems… without sacrificing access to the valuable data contained within. Eliminate legacy systems and related costs while freeing your people to invest their time in higher value work.

Enable seamless, secure access to the right legacy data within your new EMR and save millions. Shed duplicative steps from the workflows of team members, business and clinical, across your organization. DataArk is THE Active Archiving solution purpose-designed to free healthcare organizations from the drag of legacy systems.

With an eMPI strategy that supports a single, accurate view of historical patient records, DataArk presents clean and connected legacy data. To enhance this strategy, now DataArk features ArchiveMPI™, which utilizes cloud-based machine-learning-enhanced robotic processing automation to access 30 years of demographic data and historical information across the U.S. population to deliver unprecedented referential matching capabilities.

By matching and linking new patient records to the appropriate legacy data in DataArk, ArchiveMPI also ensures clinicians and users to retrieve any and all legacy patient records for patients not contained in the active EHR.

EMR, ERP, Ambulatory and Ancillary Department apps… hundreds of applications, and counting, have been Actively Archived with DataArk. A user-friendly Active Archiving app with a browser-based interface, DataArk is a stable, secure archiving technology architected using .NET and built on SQL Server.

Active Archiving grants users necessary functionality of a legacy system without the expense and risks. Data is kept active for quickly retrieving files, easily updating old records and continuing to bill accounts.

Free your data and dump that old legacy system. Hundreds of providers are already doing it. Join them and experience freedom for you and your data!