While MediQuant’s flagship product, DataArk, is a Microsoft SQL-based application, we are also a Microsoft Legacy Gold Level Partner and an Oracle Enterprise Customer. Over the last several years, we have been actively enhancing our technical platform capabilities with the skills and capabilities to effectively archive Oracle-based healthcare applications.

With our 24-core processor license and a petabyte of dedicated storage, we have the capacity to rapidly restore Oracle database backups of all sizes. We have developed methodologies to transfer Oracle data to Microsoft SQL and are working on loading data directly from Oracle databases to save additional time and space for our customers. This means that any Oracle-based application you need to archive can be delivered to MediQuant in its native format via an “RMAN” backup, enabling us to restore the entire database and provide valuable data insights that can significantly decrease your project’s duration. 

By leveraging Oracle indexes and stores procedures, we can provide deeper insights into data relationships, data context, and use cases, supporting error-free mapping and loading into DataArk. These capabilities can reduce reliance on expensive, time-consuming, and incomplete programmatic extracts. In fact, by using RMAN backups instead of programmatic extracts, we have successfully reduced system archive durations by over 75% in previous projects. 

Have an Oracle-based system that needs archiving? Please reach out to your MediQuant contact or email [email protected] to explore how your RMAN backup for data extraction can reduce your project timelines while ensuring greater data completeness and quality.