Tip 1: Importing Documents to DataArk

The Import feature enables users to seamlessly import patient documents, as well as remove previously imported documents. Imported documents can be conveniently viewed within DataArk enabling you to easily include them during the Release of Information process. Access to this feature is based on user permissions that can be enabled after the feature is turned on. 

Below are instructions on how to import documents to DataArk within both the Clinical and Patient Accounting/Practice Management modules.  

How to Import Documents: Clinical Modules 

  1. Search for and select a patient. 
  2. Click the Import button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. On the Import Document screen complete the fields: File Date, Admit Date, and File Name for the file you are entering. Then, click Browse to search for the file to import before selecting Continue to import the file.

4. An Imported Documents icon and link will display. Click the link.

5. Click the document and the Download button. Then, locate the document in the Download Tray (upper right-hand section of your screen) and click it to view the contents or click the document and the Remove button to delete the document from the patient record.

6. Click Close to exit the current screen and return to the Find Clinical screen.

7. Imported documents may be included in the Release of Information workflow by selecting the Include Imported Documents checkbox in the Options tab.

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How to Import Documents: Patient Accounting/Practice Management Modules 

Patient Accounting/Practice Management users can use the Import Documents feature when they have received a hard copy remit/payment and want to index the Explanation of Benefits to the patient account. Users can import documents at either the patient or account levels by following these steps: 

1. Click on Attachments and in the lower right corner you can click on Import.

An Import Document screen will appear that will allow you to upload the file from a drive within your system. Once you have browsed and selected your file from the location in your system, simply click on Continue and your selected document will be imported into DataArk.

Your imported file will be easily identified as it will be shown as Manual Upload, under the Category column of the Attachments screen. The File Name can also be found next to the Category column.

Note: ERP – The steps for HR/Payroll, Accounting and General Ledger Modules are the same as above. Users will need to locate the “Attachment” Tab within each module.  

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Tip 2: High Volume Account Modules: Patient Accounting and Practice Management Modules

Did you know that DataArk’s Patient Accounting and Practice Management Modules offer “high” volume functionality? This functionality allows you to process a large number of accounts—whether it’s in the hundreds or thousands—to make changes, adjustments, write-offs, and transfer accounts or balances from one insurance to another. You can also generate reports out of DataArk to identify accounts or copy and paste an existing report into the manager.

Each accounting function below includes a full tutorial on how to set up and use the managers. For step-by-step instructions on each function, simply click on each one from within DataArk:

Questions? To set up this functionality, please contact the IT Support Desk or your Implementation Consultant. If you’re unsure who to contact email [email protected].