Founded in 1999, MediQuant’s initial objective was to provide innovative, dependable revenue cycle technology to the healthcare market. Led by seasoned healthcare and IT management professionals, the company’s purpose has widened in scope since its early days. Today, MediQuant provides comprehensive data life cycle management technology, working in close partnership with healthcare providers and other vendors to optimize data management, including revenue cycles.

The MediQuant team, a core group composed of highly experienced IT professionals supported by knowledgeable administrative staff, boasts extensive experience in healthcare software development, EDI, clinical services, data management and other specialties.

Utilizing a customer-focused approach, the MediQuant team customizes its data life cycle management technology to meet the needs of each client and supports that technology with a level of service unparalleled in the industry.

MediQuant Solutions

Enable seamless, secure access to all your legacy data within your new EMR for up to 80%…

MediQuant Solutions

Data stewardship in healthcare is the commitment to the careful, responsible management and use o…

MediQuant Solutions

Create the right path to ensure your data is accessible, secure, and compliant. Get a written, be…

MediQuant Solutions

Make medical necessity compliance easier with the right content.

MediQuant Solutions

Right care, right pay…the first time. Make medical necessity compliance easier with a live feed o…

MediQuant Solutions

Simple, fast API call and response for Medicare medical necessity pass/fail results to add value …

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