Create single-click, active access to critical legacy data.

Delivering care and managing patient AR often requires active access to legacy data. Static archiving alone, while priced low, actually represents a high cost in lost opportunity and productivity headwinds…both clinically and financially. Enable seamless, secure access to the right legacy data within your EMR and save millions. Shed duplicative steps from workflows across your organization with DataArk, the active archive built by the pioneer in healthcare active archiving.

Free your data and put it to work with DataArk, a seamless, active archive delivering HIPAA-compliant, single-click user access to selective legacy data within your current active user environment.

With DataArk you can:

  • Effectively manage patient AR with complete billing functionality (drop bills, post payments, add notes and actively pursue accounts receivable to zero balance)
  • Efficiently coordinate audit defense and prevent takebacks because you can easily access different data sets, both standard and custom, in a single, central repository from legacy data that was formerly trapped in disparate legacy systems.
  • Improve both the physician and patient experience by avoiding the headwinds of costly and culture-draining clinical RFIs. Physicians and other clinicians can easily access historical clinical data within their standard technology workflows.

Available as either a hosted or installed solution, DataArk is easy to implement and use, allowing your IT team to focus on other priority work.

Minimize disruption and amplify adoption with maintenance + technical and user support services, post-project go-live, as part of your ArkPath.

Data Retention Roadmap®

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Client-Directed Migration

DIY your legacy system retirement with qualified support.


Secure legacy data at a low cost.

Managed Migration

Achieve scale and savings in preserving legacy data.


Before you make it accessible, make your legacy data right.


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Create single-click, active access to critical legacy data.