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Data Transition Management Services

Make Healthcare's Changes Work for You

Premier Healthcare IT Systems

The healthcare field is constantly evolving. Advances in healthcare information technology, as well as ever-changing care and reimbursement regulations, present new challenges. MediQuant works closely with you to turn these challenges into opportunities through our health information systems.

We provide fast, accurate and scalable archiving solutions that simplify your healthcare IT world and result in savings as high as 80%. And we design a custom Data Retention Roadmap® to get you there.

With configurable graphic user interfaces (GUIs), complete billing functionality, comprehensive clinical capacity and consolidated access to retired data, MediQuant makes embracing healthcare’s transitory nature easier than ever before.

Trusted Enterprise Data Archiving

MediQuant offers healthcare data management solutions for clinical, ambulatory, revenue cycle and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Whether you’re decommissioning one application or 100, we have the expertise and resources to execute a seamless migration.

Medical Data Management Systems to Fit Your Needs

MediQuant’s approach to healthcare IT systems is to provide our clients with highly versatile software platforms which can meet their unique, exacting specifications. We know the healthcare field can be demanding, so we strive to provide the most thorough healthcare information technology systems available.

Our customers can choose from the following premier products:

  • DataArk®: Interoperable Active Archiving Software
  • FirstComply®: Outpatient Medicare Compliance Software
  • AccuRules®: Medical Necessity Rules Sets

Let’s take a moment to look at the functionality and applications of each of these healthcare IT systems.


Our DataArk software provides accurate data migration for healthcare professionals. Whether you are focused on patient accounting, clinical and EMR needs, administrative data sets, or health information management, our DataArk legacy system archiving software is your ideal choice.

With this system as part of your operations, you can:

  • Review information from disparate sources (clinical, ERP, ambulatory, patient financial)
  • Preserve data from retired systems
  • Retrieve documentation from retired systems
  • Add and change data
  • Run reports
  • Manage receivables


Our FirstComply Medicare compliance software provides your front-end solution for full medical necessity compliance, checking any proposed procedures against current NCDs and LCDs and producing advanced beneficiary notices (ABNs) when applicable.

With this system as part of your operations, you can:

  • Easily track results through a number of diverse criteria settings
  • Stay up-to-date with all NCD and LCD compliance stipulations
  • Take advantage of effective workflow automation features
  • Store documents electronically
  • Retrieve educational materials to boost compliance


Our AccuRules medical necessity rules sets provide essential data to accurately confirm and examine medical necessity information. With timely updates as a vital aspect of the product, you can be certain you’ll be able to stay up with any changes to medical necessity.

With this data as part of your operations, you can:

  • Access covered and non-covered procedure and diagnosis codes
  • View gender, age and frequency limitations
  • Review rationale for rule changes within updates
  • Utilize our rules engine via application programming interface (API)

Contact MediQuant

If you’re in need of healthcare information technology systems to make your operations run more smoothly, let MediQuant be your provider.

And if you have questions about any of our software products, or would like to ask our team any questions, be sure to reach out to us today!

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