Reduced Technology Footprint Saves Millions and Elevates Efficiency

Reduced Technology Footprint Saves Millions, Elevates Efficiency

A west coast based, multi-location healthcare system identified the strategic priority of right-sizing their technology footprint in response to cost reduction and regulatory pressure. 500 apps were vetted containing terabytes of data, some of which still required easy access by multiple stakeholders for clinical care and response to requests for information.



Retire 162 applications. Keep the right data securely accessible, at a low cost, while freeing the organization from multiple legacy systems. And do it without disrupting physician access to clinical data.


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The sheer size of the project was daunting for an IT team that was already maxed on bandwidth. “Local knowledge” was critical, something only health system stakeholders can bring to the table. Yet, synthesizing that local knowledge against regulatory requirements and technology capabilities was a gap. Knowing why and how to prioritize the order of retirement required an approach to bring it all together. 


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MediQuant was selected to support the retirement objective using the DataArk active archiving software and implementation services. A critical outcome of the objective was to optimize user productivity with easy access to the right data. With DataArk, actively archiving all the data in one tool made that possible. Active archiving achieves the primary objective of a smaller technology footprint for securely storing data, while not limiting easy accessibility. In this case, DataArk actually improved accessibility beyond both traditional archiving and each legacy system.



  • 7 terabytes of clinical data have been actively archived to date.

  • Going live on DataArk was a ‘non-event’, even with 1,000 physicians accessing the system.

  • DataArk was so easy to use, ‘angst’ in operations about learning yet another new system was eliminated.

  • Physicians reported being more efficient in delivering care.

  • HIM team members reporting a dramatic improvement in efficiency in gathering data and responding to request for information.

  • Cut millions of expense dollars for legacy software maintenance fees, hardware costs, and internal support costs associated with the retired applications.

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