Hospital Decommissions Ambulatory EHR and Retains Access to the RIGHT Data

Hospital Decommissions Ambulatory EHR, Retains Access to RIGHT Data

A public teaching hospital on the west coast planned to decommission an ambulatory EHR following their Epic implementation by integrating the legacy clinical data directly into Epic.



Keep the right data securely accessible, at a low cost, while freeing the organization from a legacy system.


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After executing the plan, only part of the required Continuity of Care Documents (CCD) data made into Epic. Additionally, the data did not transition into a usable format. While the team scrambled to solve, internal options were a non-starter because of constraints on resources and knowledge in meeting a unique regulatory requirement to limit search functionality for incarcerated persons.


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Running out of time and short on bandwidth, the stakeholders selected MediQuant to achieve the original objective using the DataArk active archiving software and implementation roadmap. A critical decision for implementation was bringing physician leadership to the table for the entire process.



  • The legacy system is gone along with the excessive cost, while physicians preserved access to important clinical data (lab, immunization history, order history).

  • Data is secure and accessible from any location, including physician offices.

  • Users are pleased with advanced customization functionality (including the design of a flow sheet to track adult immunizations, previously lacking in their records, and the rearrangement of existing flow sheets to better suit their needs).


Perspective directly from the customer…

This was not a project to rush. It took time to ensure all necessary data was included but, in the long run, it has made our jobs much easier and our patients have continued to receive first-rate care without interruption.
Whenever there was a concern or request, the MediQuant team made necessary adjustments and let us know once it was complete, so we could test the change. The open, continuous communication and cooperation MediQuant provided us was imperative to the success of the project.”
It is so much easier to navigate than I expected. Minimal end-user training was required.

- Project's Physician Lead

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