Better leverage your legacy data. Fuel business analytics and reporting with OpenArk.

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Decommission your legacy systems and meet data retention requirements by migrating your valuable, but infrequently accessed legacy healthcare data to OpenArk.

OpenArk stores all your data in its original format and, by leveraging the reporting tools and other applications your organization currently uses, this important legacy data increases its value, fueling analytics, compliance, Release of Information and research.

Advantages of utilizing OpenArk:

  • Replicates the structure of your legacy data
  • Offers access to legacy healthcare data through a variety of reporting tools to fuel research, analytics, legal responses, reporting, etc.
  • Aggregates data from disparate sources and disconnected platforms into one, secure, common MS SQL database

Purposely built to serve as a secure, centralized repository, OpenArk aggregates the information that had been living in disconnected, disparate systems. And, by storing the data in a standard data format, OpenArk offers healthcare organizations an affordable, efficient and HIPAA- and ODBC-compliant archiving solution.


The Perfect Combination to Manage Your Legacy Healthcare Data

MediQuant’s strategic approach to legacy data management includes use of both the DataArk enterprise active archiving platform and OpenArk’s SQL database. Migrating legacy data off discontinued, unsupported systems and storing data in either OpenArk or DataArk – or most likely, a combination of both – helps organization control costs by eliminating legacy system fees while continuing to provide users throughout your health system the level of access they need to your organization’s legacy data.


OpenArk and DataArk may be used separately or together to meet your organization’s legacy data archiving needs – which will depend on how – and how often – your clinicians and users will need to continue to access and work with the legacy data from each legacy application to be decommissioned. 


Our experienced staff will work with you to create the most strategic approach to managing your organization’s legacy healthcare data.