Weatherhead 100 Award

Weatherhead 100 Award Recognizes MediQuant’s Leadership, Growth and Success in Enterprise Archiving for Eighth Consecutive Year


MediQuant, a leading provider of enterprise active archiving to hospitals and health systems, has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in cost savings for its clients, which in turn has helped advance patient care and outcomes for nearly 20 years. Now for the eighth consecutive year, MediQuant has been recognized for its success as a healthcare solutions provider with the prestigious Weatherhead 100 Award, which honors Northeast Ohio’s fastest-growing companies.

“MediQuant helped create the category of healthcare data management and archiving, but it’s our ongoing innovation in this sector and evolution into clinical data solutions and beyond that have fueled our continued growth,” said Tony Paparella, Chairman and Founder. “In just the past two years, our revenue and customer base have both doubled, and in 2018 we increased our staff by 30 percent. It is an honor for us to be a recipient of the 2018 Weatherhead 100 Award in recognition of all this forward momentum.”

Paparella is also bullish on his company’s future growth given the need for effective and efficient clinical data and active archiving solutions in healthcare is greater now more than ever. “The increasing complexity and quantity of health data, the ever-changing rules governing care and reimbursement, and ongoing industry consolidation prove that the only constant in healthcare is change,” he said. “Healthcare’s transitory nature is precisely what will propel us to continue developing new services and products that simplify IT, maximize cost savings, and empower healthcare professionals to provide optimal care to their patients.”