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To make the most informed care decisions, clinicians often need to access legacy data. More often than not, that data resides in a static archive.

While a low-cost, long-term storage option, keeping legacy data trapped in a static archive impedes care delivery. Losing the ability to frequently access and interact with your legacy data actually ends up costing your organization a great deal, both clinically and financially. It also forces your clinicians and staff to face frustratingly strong productivity headwinds.

Free your data and put it to work with DataArk®


DataArk, a scalable active data archive delivers HIPAA-compliant, single-click user access to selective legacy data from within your current active user environment.  By actively archiving your legacy data with DataArk, your clinicians and staff may quickly retrieve patient files, easily update old records and continue to bill outstanding accounts. DataArk retains the necessary functionality – but without the expense and risks – of your old legacy systems.  

We’ve actively archived hundreds of applications – from EMRs, Ambulatory and Ancillary Department apps to ERPs. With its user-friendly, browser-based interface, DataArk offers your entire healthcare organization a stable, secure active data archiving technology.

Enable seamless, secure access to the legacy data your staff and clinicians need from within your EMR, streamline workflows and shed legacy systems across your enterprise.

Ready to empower your clinicians and staff to make more informed decisions?