Custom API Developers for EMR Systems

Work with custom API experts with over 20 years of experience in the Medical Record System Field. MediQuant is hear to make your integrations faster and easier. Get Professional advice and guidance on your next Healthcare Data API development project.
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Ready to retire your legacy system?

We’ll help you prepare for your healthcare archive solution.

MediQuant’s archiving team prepares, maps and loads your full data set into your new archive solution, validating its accuracy, not once, but twice. Under the direction of a dedicated project manager, we partner with our customers throughout the archiving process, establishing interfaces, integrations and customizations.

Data Archiving Process

Decommissioning legacy applications will save users time and your organization money by eliminating maintenance fees and licensing fees. But most importantly, the ability to offer clinicians easy access to archived patient records supports more informed clinical decisions, improves outcomes and elevates the patient experience.

Accessing and continuing to work with your legacy data from within your current active user environment through integrations with your go-forward EMR allows your organization to:

  • Present clinicians with HIPAA-compliant, single-sign-on access to historical clinical data within their standard technology workflows
  • Improve audits by extending secure access to data in a single repository
  • Centralize legacy data that had been trapped in disparate ambulatory systems
  • Expedite and ensure more complete Release of Information fulfillment
  • Help effectively manage provider billing and work down outstanding balances
  • Decommission ambulatory legacy systems, reducing your technology footprint
  • Save money by not operating new and legacy systems in parallel