Electronic health records conversion (also called data migration) requires a particular skill set. For many EHR vendors who need to develop and maintain their EHR solutions, data conversions are often seen as a distraction or time-waster. Apart from the skill set requirement, data conversions also need to be done with high precision under short deadlines.

Consequently, EHR vendors outsource to meet the demand for EHR conversion without putting a strain on other operations. Now, let’s look at some important reasons why EHR vendors should work with outsourcing partners to achieve successful EHR data conversions.

1. Get Maximum Value for Your Talent

Most EHR software companies have very talented developers who have spent several years learning to build robust EHR solutions. Their skillset is on a higher level than what is needed for data conversion work.

This means that assigning the same developers to perform extract, load, transform, and clean up operations is not an optimal use of their talent.

Remember that your talented employees work with you for a higher salary than required for data migration. Instead of distracting them and getting them to do work that is of lower value than their original development work, it is better to hire a data migration partner.

2. Let the Migration Expert Handle Legacy Data

One of the major challenges in any data conversion project is gaining full access to legacy data. Most of the time, the new EHR vendor will tell the IT staff to work with the legacy system vendor to extract the system’s required data. Unfortunately, many health IT officials are reluctant to tell their legacy system vendor that they are switching EHRs.

However, an EHR conversion specialist does not worry about the attitude of a legacy system vendor. Your migration partner will have all the knowledge and skills required to pull data from almost any legacy EHR system and format it for use in the new EHR.

3. Enjoy the Expertise of A Migration Partner

Working with an EHR data conversion partner gives you instant access to many years of experience and expertise acquired from completing an extensive portfolio of migration projects.

A data conversion partner will have pre-built scripts, tools, and systems to work with various EHR systems. This speeds up the migration project and ensures that you will produce high-quality data. The conversion partner will also have long-term relationships with different EHR vendors to access any privately kept information needed to complete a migration project.

4. Achieve Optimal Data Quality

Health data is sensitive, protected, and used to make decisions that affect human life and well being. HIPAA also regulates the data, so it is vital to maintain sufficient quality assurance throughout the migration project.

Mistakes cannot be tolerated when it comes to protected health information, and violating HIPAA regulations can lead to stiff penalties and litigation.

Health data conversion partners understand all the HIPAA rules and regulations concerning data migration and follow them to the letter. That’s why working with them will produce the required data quality and minimize the risks connected with EHR conversions.

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