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The Critical Access Hospital (CAH) designation was established in 1997 to reduce the financial vulnerability of rural hospitals and keep essential services available to those living in less densely populated communities.

Much like any other health system, CAHs must manage a lot of data. The difference lies in the means with which these rural hospitals can address the legacy data management challenges that follow a system replacement to maintain regulatory compliance and plan for disaster recovery.

Often the financial and resource limitations of CAHs push data archiving initiatives to the bottom of the list of priorities. To help these hospitals efficiently and effectively manage their historical data at an accessible price point, MediQuant created CriticalAccessArchive™.

Critical Access Hospital Data Conversion Company - Migration and Archival for EMR and EHR

Affordable Healthcare Data Archiving Solutions

Clinical Patient Accounting Enterprise Resource Planning
Clinic Visit Summary Account Overview Patient Demographic and Visit Financials Accounts Payable - Indexed by Vendor/Invoice
Audit/Modification Insurance Information General Ledger - Indexed by Company Code
HIPAA Audit (User Access) Account Notes General Ledger - Detailed Transactions by Data/Period
Inpatient Stay Account Transation Details with Coding Data HR Indexed by Company and Employee Data
Orders/Results Medical Records Coding Summary Payroll Data by Company, Employee, Period and Department
Other as Defined Claims Forms W-2s

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