Choose The Right Path

You invested millions in new enterprise technology, only to be weighed down by the drag of legacy systems. These systems persist in parallel because valuable data is perilously trapped inside. As they live on, you suffer the costly drag on both budget and people.

It’s clear: keep the data, retire the systems.

But the path to get there is far more involved than simply purchasing archive software.

Extracting and migrating the data without compromising its integrity is arduous, even for a single legacy system. And if you’re like most healthcare organizations, there are dozens of systems to retire. Prioritizing and scaling execution is complicated. Additionally, some of the data must remain active and be accessible by front-line users.

And then there’s local knowledge. Chances are, no one knows the intricacies of your legacy systems, data, and regulatory requirements like you and your team. How does that factor in to your approach?

Your Data and Your People

Too valuable to trust with anyone but proven stewards.

Leveraging your data as an asset is critical for your future in a value-based world. As you look forward, it’s tough to get there with so much of the data trapped in legacy systems. Free your teams and your data from legacy systems with the pioneer, MediQuant… your stewardship partner experienced in freeing data from hundreds of unique legacy systems.

Do you DIY, source all the work to a partner, or find something in between?

Break free from legacy systems while preserving both access to, and integrity of, your data with ArkPath. Make the right legacy data accessible for higher yields in legacy AR, improved physician and patient experiences, and greater efficiency in meeting information governance requirements.

Free your data and put it to work!

Choose your ArkPath, the right path in achieving budget-friendly and efficient scale in your legacy system retirement efforts.

Data Retention Roadmap®

Prepare to preserve data the right way.

Client-Directed Migration

DIY your legacy system retirement with qualified support.


Secure legacy data at a low cost.

Managed Migration

Achieve scale and savings in preserving legacy data.


Before you make it accessible, make your legacy data right.


Become a Data Stewardship maven here.


Create single-click, active access to critical legacy data.