Secure legacy data at a low cost.


Compliance demands the preservation of years of data. Yet not all of it requires active archive access available exclusively through DataArk. Take the first step to freedom from legacy system(s) with a safe, static place for any legacy data at a low-cost with OpenArk*.

Keep your infrequently accessed, but highly valued, legacy data available with OpenArk, a low-cost, HIPAA- and ODBC-compliant, comprehensive archive platform.

In OpenArk, your data is:

  • Replicated in legacy structure.

  • Accessible via your current reporting tools.

  • Located with formerly otherwise disparate legacy data in one common data platform (MS SQL).

  • Accessible by other applications.

  • Tier 1 validation transfer-ready.

Minimize disruption and amplify adoption with maintenance + technical and user support services, post project go-live, as part of your ArkPath.

Secure your legacy data with OpenArk

* Depending on the priorities of your ArkPath, OpenArk may be used standalone or in complement to DataArk... the active archive.