Achieve scale and savings in preserving legacy data.

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For extreme deadlines, uniquely difficult legacy systems, and/or when faced with resource constraints - get complete management of legacy system retirement(s) from data extraction, to integrity validation, to loading, to DataArk configuration, to go-live.

Leverage a structured and flexible approach, grounded in Data Stewardship, for managing the migration of legacy data to DataArk and/or OpenArk. In its most complete form, Managed Migration begins with achieving strategic visibility to the right path for the preservation of data in your environment with your Data Retention Roadmap. A foundational outcome of that work is a retirement prioritization schedule. Achieve scale and preserve time for other priority work by relying on your MediQuant team to manage a single migration or a series of migrations identified in the schedule. Achieve the results you seek with the pioneer in healthcare active archiving.

Services include:

  • Preparation: PM blueprint of project objectives, KPIs, milestones, stakeholders, and communication cadence for the project(s) ahead.

  • Extraction: Legacy data is extracted in original form with emphasis on retention of the original legacy data, at the point of extraction, to ensure a source of truth.

  • Standardization: Your legacy data is viewed, mapped, validated, visualized, and tested repeatedly. Upon completion of testing, a final layer of testing is completed using a series of statistical and referential validation checks.

  • Pilot: Utilize the MediQuant SMEs and your identified Super User(s) in testing DataArk in a limited setting within your live environment. Achieve usable insights to make adjustments before go-live.

  • Training: Increase adoption with prep for your organization using MediQuant-delivered training, training resources, and a communication plan for go-live.

Minimize disruption and amplify adoption with maintenance + technical and user support services, post project go-live, as part of your ArkPath.

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