ArkPath™️ Certification

Become a Data Stewardship maven here.

As data and legacy systems persist, the demand for qualified resources in the preservation of healthcare data grows with it. Stewardship of data is far more than knowing SQL or a collection of legacy systems. Data Stewardship is the commitment to the careful, responsible management and use of data entrusted to you. Become a Data Stewardship maven by becoming ArkPath certified.


Achieve confidence in your and your team’s ability to affect a culture of Data Stewardship + earn certification in the technical capabilities of ArkPath legacy data migration. Training works like a college work-study program, with some virtual classroom education complemented by on-the-job guidance in actual migration projects. Become a comprehensively trained, tested, and experienced practitioner in data retention road mapping, data archiving, and legacy retirement.

Minimize disruption and amplify adoption with maintenance + technical and user support services, post-project go-live, as part of your ArkPath.

Data Retention Roadmap®

Prepare to preserve data the right way.

Client-Directed Migration

DIY your legacy system retirement with qualified support.


Secure legacy data at a low cost.

Managed Migration

Achieve scale and savings in preserving legacy data.


Before you make it accessible, make your legacy data right.


Become a Data Stewardship maven here.


Create single-click, active access to critical legacy data.