Before you make it accessible,
make your legacy data right.

Extracting and migrating data from your legacy system is no ordinary migration. Move it to an active archive and things get complicated quickly. If you’ve seen one legacy system, you’ve only see that one. That’s why it’s critical to have the right methodology, the right tool, and most importantly, the right rules set. Enter ArkLoad. Ensure integrity in the standardization of your actively archived legacy data before it’s migrated to DataArk.


Ensure the highest level of integrity in your migrated legacy data with the intelligence of the most advanced rules set available today in ArkLoad. ArkLoad is your legacy data standardization and migration toolkit, including a viewer, mapper, loader, validator, and visualizer. Here’s a sneak peek inside the Data Stewardship best practice methodology for standardization:


  • View: Determine relational crosswalks between archive and the legacy system.
  • Map and Load: Interactively map data from your legacy system into your new archive format, thereby automating the script creation for loading your data. Load the script to generate content in a DataArk-friendly format.
  • Validate: Test your loaded content for formatting accuracy (e.g., number fields contain numbers), test the population of defined mandatory fields, quickly determine failures and receive direction for correcting them, and generate sample accounts.
  • Visualize: Ensure your data samples meet expectations by choosing to visualize sample content, or all content, in a DataArk viewer.
  • Repeat: Repeat the Validation and Visualization steps until you’re satisfied that the content is a true representation of your data.

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Before you make it accessible, make your legacy data right.


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