DataArk Supports Reporting and Analytics

DataArk aggregates legacy system data from across your healthcare enterprise and securely stores it in a centralized repository. With easier access to accurate historical clinical, financial and enterprise resource planning data, MediQuant’s ArchiveInsights™ empowers health systems to put that legacy information to work for them.

Using Legacy Data to Fuel Decision Making

Specifically created for DataArk, ArchiveInsights provides users with easy-to-digest dashboard views of a variety of information and empowers DataArk customers to better leverage their legacy data. Query the datasets in DataArk and present the findings to drive business decisions, monitor and forecast trends and provide visualizations for use in population health reporting, research and other initiatives.


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What our clients say


Lisa Stump

“Using MediQuant, we created that single, continuous record, even back into the legacy world…if you are in a patient’s EHR today, you can click one button to view important legacy data and also know whether that data had existed in Cerner or Meditech or any of our other legacy systems, who entered it and when.”

Senior Vice President and CIO at Yale New Haven Health

Andrea Cervenka

“Whenever there was a concern or request, the MediQuant team made necessary adjustments and let us know once they were complete so we could test the change. The open, continuous communication and cooperation MediQuant provided us was imperative to the success of the project.”

MD, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Jon Russell

“Our physician users found the transition to DataArk to be seamless due to the ease of use of DataArk and the auto-invoke feature. The HIM staff members are able to easily fulfill ROI requests for records that came from disparate systems and our billing staff didn’t miss a beat after the cut-over to DataArk.”

John Muir Health Chief Information Officer