Oh, 2020…you really outdid yourself.


Some years pass with few, if any, significant challenges, but not you. You brought all sorts of challenges, introducing a new one – or a new twist on an old one, every month. You and your challenges dealt us a year of increased anxiety, uncertainty and more than our fair share of loss. 


I see your challenges, 2020.


And, I’ll raise you with resilience.


This year was a very difficult one on so many levels, for so many. But, in looking back, what rises above all of the challenges is how we met them, learned from them, and in many cases, how they changed us for the better.


MediQuant has been very fortunate this year – due in large part to the resilience of our employees and partners who channeled their energies into the things we could control, doubling down on meeting our customers’ needs and focusing on why we’re in this healthcare data archiving/data management game to begin with. (I’ll save that for a different blog.)


Many of this year’s challenges will continue into the next. So, too will our resilience. Sure, it feels pretty tapped at times, but resilience has a deep well. Ironically, we’re better equipped to face whatever challenges 2021 throws at us because of this past year.


So, as we near the end of 2020, I celebrate our collective resilience and invite you to join me in a toast: May we rise to meet all of the challenges of 2021 with and renewed tenacity and a little bit of grace.


Happy New Year, all.


Kel Pults, DHA, MSN, RN

Chief Clinical Officer

About the Author:
Kel Pults is Chief Clinical Officer for MediQuant. The first nurse to be hired by the company in 2014, she began helping to build the company’s clinical archive offering. Today she is one of 12 nurses and multiple others at the company with advanced degrees and both clinical and informatics experience.