DataArk® active enterprise data archiving helps slash technology costs

Supporting, maintaining and paying for duplicative systems – whether they’re legacy Patient Accounting applications, EMRs, ERPs, or Ambulatory and Ancillary department solutions – is a luxury that healthcare organizations can no longer afford. Shrinking margins, tighter cash flow, an improved user experience, and the need to streamline technology place greater pressure on IT to maximize resources and reduce infrastructure while not sacrificing application functionality.

DataArk, MediQuant’s scalable, agnostic active data archiving platform, manages and stores legacy data in a single repository. A seamless experience offers users single-click access to a more complete set of information from within their current system. With DataArk, your organization will reduce technology costs by up to 80% when compared to operating legacy systems in parallel.

MediQuant will help you lose those systems you no longer need without losing access to – or the ability to work with – the legacy data you want.