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Over the years, there has been a rise in the development of medical IT tools that can help with compliance. From code look-ups to live data feeds, these tools help take the burden off of providers and their staff.

As a medical provider, you know that compliance is essential to getting paid for the care you provide. But staying up-to-date on the latest coding, billing, and documentation requirements can be a full-time job in itself. In fact, in the US, one of the top reasons behind denials are claim form errors and insufficient medical necessity documentation.

The wealth of available options can be overwhelming, so we’ve put together a list of five medical IT tools for compliance that you should look for when choosing a provider.

Code Look-up Tool Including the Latest Coding Updates

This can help you ensure that you’re using the right codes for the services you provide and avoid delayed or denied claims. If you’re not using the most up-to-date codes, you could be at risk of overbilling or underbilling for your services.

Compliance Dashboard With a Real-Time View of Compliance Status

Identify areas of risk and take corrective action before problems arise. The dashboard can provide access to changes in medical necessity rules, so users can stay on top of the latest requirements.

Medical Necessity Checker

You can save time and hassle down the road by ensuring that your claims are clean and compliant from the start. Medicare restricts the reimbursement of certain outpatient services based on medical necessity criteria. A medical necessity checker helps you confirm that the services being provided meet the criteria for coverage.

Claims Scrubber to Check for Errors Before Submission

A claims scrubber can help you ensure that all the necessary information is there. For example, there are many crucial data elements that you need to include. These elements range from procedure codes to age/gender restrictions.

EHR Integration to Automate Documentation and Improve Accuracy of Medical Records

Secure integration with EHR can help avoid errors and omissions in documentation. This is important because, as we all know, documentation is the key to compliance.

Get in Touch With a Reliable Medical IT Tools Provider Today

When it comes to compliance, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The best approach is to find a provider that offers a comprehensive suite of medical IT solutions. Doing so can help you can tailor a solution to fit your specific needs.

At MediQuant, we offer a full range of medical IT solutions for compliance. If you’re interested in learning more about our tools for book a free consultation at 844.286.8683. You may also visit our contact page to discuss your health data management needs.


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