On October 5th, MediQuant was pleased to conduct a Focus Group with CHIME CIO members. The focus group was led by MediQuant’s Corporate Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Dave Lamar, and Vice President of Client Advocacy, Shelly Disser. Titled Data Stewardship & Incorporating Legacy Data Archiving into your MSO, the presenters sought to gain more information on the attendees’ legacy archiving expectations and experience.


The focus group began with attendees watching a video to illustrate the point that we focus on the things we believe are important and sometimes we miss other things that are equally important, if not more so. This led to a lively discussion of surprises attendees have encountered when attempting to decommission legacy systems. Other topics discussed included data retention policies, project planning, archiving tools, and the value of archiving.


Our thanks to everyone who participated in this enlightening session!

Shelly Disser

Dave Lamar


Data Migration, Archival, and Conversion Services

About the Author:
Founded in 1999, and headquartered in Brecksville, Ohio, MediQuant provides industry-leading data archiving solutions and comprehensive system transition data management services to help hospitals and health systems liberate their data from legacy clinical, patient accounting and ERP systems. Its flagship product, DataArk, available as a cloud-based or an on-premises platform, provides users the ability to access and work with legacy data without the legacy system security risks and expense.