DataArk®: Leading the Active Archiving Approach

Decommission Legacy Systems: Retain All Data — Clinical, Billing, ERP, Ambulatory, Hospital In-patient, etc. in “Active Archive” DataArk

Are you running old applications just to access the data? Drastically reduce costs and simplify your IT world by migrating the data to DataArk®, the Active Archive. Since 1999, MediQuant has been the pioneer in “Active Archiving”, an innovative approach that allows you to report, manage and even bill out of DataArk®. Clinical data from disparate systems is retained and made accessible to clinicians in a consolidated view across the enterprise via DataArk®. For patient accounting datasets, full account detail is retained with the ability to actively post payments, bill accounts, etc. ERP and other data sets may also be retained in DataArk®. Coupled with MediQuant’s Data Retention Roadmap®, MediQuant’s clients are assured of a best-practice to achieving client data retention and access goals.

Why DataArk®?

  • Save up to 80% in legacy system costs, decommission legacy applications
  • One Patient, One Record Architecture: DataArk® has a consolidated view of data from disparate clinical, patient financial, ERP and ambulatory systems
  • Full billing capability for patient financial data sets
  • Easy-to-use and readily adoptable GUI (better than the old system!)
  • Auto-invoke from the new HIS
  • Save ALL of your data
  • Customizable
  • Host in your data center or ours (SaaS)

The Data Retention Roadmap®: Comprehensive, Best-Practices Planning and Implementation Services

Relying on its vast experience of decommissioning legacy applications, MediQuant provides the expertise required to manage the legacy retirement process in a timely and dependable manner. MediQuant will help you create your strategic Data Retention Roadmap® (a proprietary methodology developed by MediQuant) and reliably migrate legacy data from the retiring applications into DataArk®. Once implementation timelines are established and applications prioritized, MediQuant will manage the process of validating data and migrating data into DataArk®. Clients may extract their own data or engage MediQuant’s Extract Management Services. MediQuant has become renowned among its client base for its sound planning and implementation practices. MediQuant clients are routinely thrilled with their results and consistently return for additional projects!

DataArk® for Financial, EMR, EHR, Clinical, ERP, H/R and other Data Sets

The robust design of patent-pending DataArk® makes it an ideal centralized repository for disparate data sets from different systems.

The Patient Accounting Strategy

A Proven, Best Practice Process. Full data conversions into the new HIS are riddled with risk, often discouraged by software vendors, consultants and hospital staff. Balance forward methodologies are incomplete—where’s the detail? Keeping the old system enabled for minimal A/R management and archiving purposes is cost prohibitive. The DataArk® strategy includes starting “clean” with the new system, managing the receivables from the legacy system for several months after going live on the new HIS during a “transition period”, activating DataArk® after the transition period and then decommissioning the legacy application.

Sustain Cash-Flow with Extensive, Robust Functionality. No other “archive” can match the patient accounting functions available in DataArk®. MediQuant clients can fully bill existing receivables out of DataArk®, post payments/adjustment/refunds, submit claims, add notes, manage interfaces with other systems, manage agencies, create & produce in-depth reports and much, much more. End users will sustain cash flow during the critical transition months of the system conversion, defend audits and maintain data retention compliance. You will find that managing your receivables is easier with DataArk®.

DataArk® billing functions include:

  • Posting of payments, adjustments, refunds and charges
  • Production of UB’s/HCFA’s/itemized statements
  • Claim submission & editing
  • Agency management
  • Add notes capability
  • Ad hoc and standard reporting
  • Audit defense (such as RAC audits) features
  • Complete customization
  • . . .and much, much more!

Managing your receivables will become easier with DataArk®.

DataArk® for EMR, Clinical, Ambulatory, In-Patient

One Patient, One Record Architecture, Longitudinal view of clinical records!

With a new EMR, LIS, radiology system, ambulatory, in-patient or other clinical application, some but not all of the data in the legacy application is transferred, leaving vital clinical records “orphaned” in the old system. Physicians and other clinical staff will still need daily access to these records to deliver proper care to their patients.  Additionally, there are still workflow considerations in maintaining quick access to the old records. The DataArk® clinical archive solution will maintain longitudinal views of data from legacy clinical systems such as EMR’s, lab information systems, radiology, pharmacy among others, and allow for proper work flow associated with these records.

  • DataArk® provides the home for the data that was not moved to the new EMR: data is extracted from the legacy application and migrated into the DataArk® clinical repository module;
  • Using DataArk®‘s consolidated view, end users can access clinical records, such as lab results, radiology reports, pharmacy, order history, etc., directly from DataArk®;
  • Data from your best-of-breed systems is made available in a composite view across the enterprise;
  • Users may also auto-invoke the DataArk® clinical archive from the new EMR to view historical records;
  • Your clinical data—ambulatory and in-patient—is securely accessible from anywhere, including physician offices;
  • The clinical archive module of DataArk® may be installed at your site or at one of the MediQuant data centers;
  • After the requisite data is transferred into DataArk®, the old system is decommissioned.

DataArk® for Non-Healthcare Specific Datasets

ERP, H/R and similar data sets—an active archive for complete payroll, time/attendance, benefits history, G/L, Payables and more. Users will retain compliance with Federal and State data retention regulations and be able to easily access important business records.

Custom Data Sets—DataArk® accommodates customized data sets.

DataArk® is Easy to Use

DataArk® is so intuitive that only one-three hours of training is required for end-users. Data is migrated, not “converted”, to the DataArk®, so end users view familiar data types.

Retaining Data Integrity

DataArk® accommodates all data elements from your legacy systems—no data is lost or altered in any way. The data that is viewed and managed by your staff is the same data that resided in the retired system. Your data defines its use and meaning in DataArk®.

Enhance Performance of Current Systems

Is excess data slowing down your applications in production? Enhance performance by moving the old data out of the production system and into DataArk®. All data elements are retained in DataArk® and accessible to end-users.

Why Healthcare I.S. Departments Like The DataArk®:

  • We offer a worry-free, complete turn-key solution, with minimal effort expended by the client’s I.S. professionals;
  • The DataArk® is low maintenance: resides on a Windows server.
  • Legacy systems are decommissioned, thus reducing the size of the “Legacy System Junkyard”.

Why Patient Accounting, Admitting, Medical Records, Clinical and Human Resources Departments Like The DataArk®:

  • The complete data set and data migration — whether financial, clinical, human resources, ERP or anything else — is stored and viewable for as long as the client wishes to keep the system operational.
  • A/R management doesn’t miss a beat on the old A/R, thus reducing, or eliminating, cash flow losses.
  • Complete customization can accommodate any workflow.
  • A complete visit-history look-up is available, itemized bills can be produced, notes added, payments/adjustments posted, MRN’s merged, self pay statements sent, collections referrals made, and more.

Data Archiving and the Active Archive

Data archiving often conjures up images of inaccessible data stored in files or on tape, requiring a programmer or analyst to run ad hoc reports to view individual records. With an active archive, end users have access to the archived data through an easy-to-use interface in real time — no middle man. An active archive will also possess functions — such as account billing, payment posting, notation, etc.—that would never be a part of traditional data archiving. This brings data archiving, especially for healthcare data, to a new level. DataArk® is a one-of-a-kind active archive that is revolutionizing the way we think about data archiving.

Implementing a new system is a major undertaking requiring many hours of planning and configuring. The old data must be managed for seven years (or more) yet retaining the legacy system is cost prohibitive. As a result, organizations often end up with a “legacy system junkyard” of old systems. With its easy end-user access to full detail, data management functions and cost effective pricing, the DataArk® “active archive” (a new brand of data archiving) is the perfect solution.

Migrating to Soarian, Epic, McKesson Horizon and Paragon and Other Systems

Many hospitals are converting to some of the newer clinical and financial health information systems, including Soarian, Epic, McKesson Horizon and Paragon among others. The older systems, such as Invision, Medseries 4, Series, HealthQuest, IDX Last Word, CareCast, FlowCast, Allscripts Mysis and others possess the vital data required to maintain data retention compliance and to work old A/R. MediQuant’s DataArk® houses data sets from these older applications, allowing our clients to move to the new Epic, Sorian Financials, Horizons, Paragon and others in a more timely manner. By migrating the data into DataArk® after the go-live of the new HIS, our clients were better able to keep their HIS implementation on-time and within budget. We can share references from clients who utilized DataArk after moving from Invision, HealthQuest or others to Soarian, Epic and similar new HIS’s.

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DataArk Case Study

document iconLearn more how a southern Ohio health system utilized DataArk’s active A/R management functionality for continued collections and compliance amidst a system conversion. Learn more about legacy system decommissioning and the fiscal and functional advantages MediQuant’s Active Archiving solution, DataArk®, delivers. To request a copy of the White Paper, click here.

Meet DataArk®: The System Conversion Alternative

What is The DataArk®? In effect, DataArk®, acts as a “retirement home” for legacy data from retiring HIS, CIS, HR and other systems, thus eliminating the high support costs associated with your legacy system. For patient accounting systems, DataArk® provides billing functionality, thus allowing for quick retirement of financial systems. You may also call it an “active archive”, a form of data archiving where end users may regularly access the system and view information, run reports and, if necessary, add/edit existing data.